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You can also edit entries that are already in Clipboard Master - in order to supplement an entry or to specify a key combination for a specific entry. You move entries to change the order or place entries in other clipboards.

Edit Content

Edit Clipboard Master Entry

Open Clipboard Master, open a clipboard (see Select Clipboard) and an entry. Then press F2 or click on the entry with the right mouse button and select "Edit" to edit the entry.

An entry in a clipboard has the following fields:

  • "Description": This description is used in the entry list of the clipboard as the title of the entry.

  • "Text": This text is pasted when you use the entry.

  • "Macros": Clipboard Master offers you macros, such as {#date}, to automatically enter the current date when the entry is used. You will find additional macros at Macros for Text.

Edit Options

Edit Clipboard Master Entry

You can configure additional settings for the entry by clicking on "Options":

  • "Mark This Entry...": If you open a clipboard in window with this title or URL, Clipboard Master automatically marks this entry. (URLs are currently supported for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.)

  • "Paste Key Combination for this Entry": Enter a key combination here in order to directly paste the entry using the key combination.

  • "AutoText Abbreviation": Enter an AutoText abbreviation for which the above text should be displayed and/or pasted, such as "dsm" for "Dear Sir or Madam",

Move Entries 

Open Clipboard Master and select an entry. Use the key combinations Alt + cursor up and Alt + cursor down to move the entry up and down respectively. Or move the entry with the mouse per Drag and Drop to another clipboard.