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Moving Entries Within a Clipboard

Open Clipboard Master and select an entry. Use the key combinations Alt + cursor up and Alt + cursor down to move the entry up and down respectively. Or move the entry with the mouse per Drag and Drop to another clipboard.

Press Ctrl + Shift + V to move an entry to another clipboard.

Move Entries to Another Clipboard

A. Using the Keyboard

  1. Open the Clipboard Master list
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + V
  3. Select the clipboard to which the entry or entries should be moved

B. Using the Mouse

  1. Open the Clipboard Master list
  2. Press F4 if necessary to display the list with the clipboards
  3. Press F3 to show the search field and place the focus on the Clipboard Master window
    You must do this for Drag and Drop to work reliably
  4. Use Drag and Drop to move the entries to another list