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Clipboard Master offers a combined search and filter function for finding entries quickly in Clipboard Master.

Search Text

Open Clipboard Master with Win + V, select a clipboard and simply type in the text to search for: only those entries that contain your search phrase will be displayed automatically.

Tip: Entries displayed in bold contain the initial words of the text being searched for.

Filter Entries by Type

To display only entries of a specific type, open Clipboard Master and then press F10 to display only entries of the type "email address".

Tip: You can create rules so that only email addresses are always displayed for specific entry fields in specific programs. You can create such a rule easily using the context menu: please select the corresponding filter, e.g. "emails", then click on the search field (or press the F3 key) with the magnifying glass to the right on the down arrow and select "Set current filter as default" in the menu.

Filter Entries by Program

To display only entries that you have copied in Outlook, open Clipboard Master and type "outlook.exe". Only those entries that you have copied from Outlook will be displayed automatically. You can also mark an entry from Outlook and press the F11 key.