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You can also directly modify/convert entries in the list, for example, in order to remove the black spaces at the beginning and end.
Simply select the desired entry or entries and choose the corresponding function, e.g. via the context menu "Correct and Convert".

Trim Text Entries

You can trim text entries in Clipboard Master in order to remove blank spaces and special characters from an entry:

Open Clipboard Master and select an entry, then press Alt + F5 to remove the blank spaces at the beginning and end of the entry. Press Alt + F5 again and special characters such as $!., will be removed. You can also open the context menu of the entry by clicking on the entry with the right mouse button and selecting "Correct and Convert" -> "Trim".

Convert Text Entries to HTML

You can convert text entries to HTML in Clipboard Master:

Open Clipboard Master and select an entry, then type Alt + F6 or use the context menu to select the entry Correct and Convert -> Convert Text -> To HTML.

Correct Umlauts/Special Characters in Text Entries

You can correct umlauts/special characters in text entries in Clipboard Master:

Open Clipboard Master and select an entry, then press Alt + F6, to correct coded umlauts and special characters such as ü. For example, this changes "<Insert> " to "".

In the Clipboard Master Settings you can specify that this correction should be conducted automatically. You also have the option there of creating User-Defined Rules so that the correction is always conducted, for example, when you copy a text from your HTML editor to Word.

Change Between Upper Case and Lower Case/Convert Text

Ctrl + Shift + LChange everything to lower case letters
Ctrl + Shift +UChange everything to upper case letters
Ctrl + Shift +PUse upper case letters for the first letter of every word
Ctrl + F5Convert text from hexadecimal text, e.g. 48616C6C6F to Hello
Ctrl + F6Convert text to hexadecimal text, e.g. hello to 48616C6C6F
Alt + F6Convert HTML code to text
Alt + F7Convert text to HTML

Convert Numbers

You can easily convert numbers with Clipboard Master, even if they occur within text:

Ctrl + Shift + DConvert number(s) to decimal(s), e.g. from a hexadecimal
Ctrl + Shift + XConvert number(s) to hexadecimal(s)
Ctrl + Shift + B

Convert number(s) to binary number(s) (little endian, bit 0 right)

The context menu can be used to convert number(s) to binary number(s) with big endian (bit 0 left).

You can also convert numbers directly upon entry with Flexikeys.