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To paste the selected item press:
- Eingabe or 
- Tab
To paste e.g. text with or without format can be defined in the settings -> keyboard -> 
in Clipboard Master.

To paste an item with the mouse double click it.
Or press the RIGHT mouse button outside (!) the Clipboard Master list.

Quick access ot the 1st 10 items:
Use the keys 1 to 0 to paste the 1st, 2nd, ... item in the list. No need to select the item prior to that.

Paste more than one item at once:
- select several items, e.g. with Ctrl + left mouse button, or with Shift + Up or Down
- Paste with e.g. Enter. The selected item will be pasted seperatzed with a new line.
To have e.g. a Tab or another character between the items, use the context menu (right click at a selected item) -> Paste special.